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swansea electrician light switch replacement
swansea electrician light fitting replacement

Replacement Fittings [£60]


What's included?

Are there additional costs?

Additional fittings @ £20 each

Supply of fittings (Basic, Standard or Classified) if required.  See costs here >

Waste disposal of old fitting(s) if required £5 - £20 depending on size & quantity.

Sometimes an existing fitting may have been installed in a manner that does not comply with regulations and it may not be legal to install your new fitting(s) until the issues has been resolved.  If this is the case, I will advise you of the situation and provide you with a fixed quotation for you to consider.

You will never incur additional costs without first knowing exactly how much they will be and specifically agreeing to them.


Some chandelier type light fittings requires 'dressing' or 'assembly' of numerous small crystals/beads.  This can be very time consuming and is not included in the price.

BOOK ME ONLINE: If you have new lights, smart-switches/sockets, USB outlets or other electrical fittings that you need installed, using a local qualified electrician is the best way to get your new fittings up and working safely.  I'm happy to help, just check my availability and book a time to suit you.

I can also advise on the cost of supplying new fittings if required.

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