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Compare Fuse Boxes

Compare your fuse box with the different versions and their safety features below.

There are many different styles and brands within each version.  (only one example image is given for each version)


If you're not sure what version of fuse box you have, send me a photo by Txt, Email or WhatsApp and I will let you know.

If your considering upgrading your fuse box, this is a job which is best done by a suitability qualified and experienced electrician.

Wood & Bakelite

Fuse Box Comparison by swansea electrician

I supply & install 'Version 9' replacement fuse boxes as standard.  This specification offers the highest level of protection for a domestic property at an affordable price.  Click here for details.

I can also supply and install 'Version 10' fuse boxes (with one or more AFDD) if required.

AFDDs (Arc Fault Detection Devices) are highly advanced devices which continuously monitor circuits for electrical arcing or sparking faults which could cause a fire.

Individual (one circuit) AFDD devices cost £160 each (in addition to the standard £700) and are usually installed to circuits which supply areas of the home requiring exceptional levels of fire protection, such as rooms containing highly valuable or irreplaceable items.

Contact me if you would like to discuss the need for AFDDs in your home.

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