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swansea electrician testing for EICR landlord certificate

Inspections (EICR) [from £120]

BOOK ME ONLINE: The need for Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) is becoming increasingly common, particularly for Landlords and people looking to sell their property.

It is strongly recommended that all homes have an EICR conducted by an experienced and suitably qualified electrician at least once every 10yrs (5yrs for rental properties), especially if they have an old fuse box or if recent renovations have been undertaken (kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, extensions etc).

If your electrical system needs to be inspected and tested by a competent electrician , check my availability and book a time that best suits you.

swansea electrician performing EICR landlord certificate
EICR testing for landlord certificate by electrician in swansea
swansea electrician undertaking EICR landlord certificate



What is an EICR?

  • ​An EICR is like an MOT for your electrical system​

  • It is a certificate provided by a qualified electrician after undertaking specific tests and inspections on your system

  • It will identify any hidden or dangerous faults that may have developed 

  • ​It will let you know if you need to undertake any maintenance or upgrades

  • It will state whether or not the system is safe for continued use

Do I need one?

All mechanical systems (including electrical wiring) require maintenance from time to time.

If your system hasn't been inspected in the past 10yrs then you should consider getting an EICR.  Check with your mortgage and insurance companies to see if they require you to keep your electrical system well maintained.

If you are selling or renting a residential property, it is very likely that you will need one.

What's involved?

For health & safety reasons, an EICR should be conducted when the property is vacant.

The power will need to be disconnected and access will be needed to all electrical fittings, including the main fuse box.

All appliances, especially sensitive ones such as computers & smart TVs etc should be fully unplugged before testing begins.

After completing the EICR, I will email the certificate to you within 2 working days (or sooner of required).

The report will categorise any issues identified...

C1 Immediate danger, urgent or immediate repair needed.

C2 Potential danger, repairs required at the earliest opportunity.

C3 Non-compliance with regulations, repairs or upgrade should be seriously considered.

FI Further investigation needed.  An issues has been identified that requires investigation beyond the scope of the EICR procedures.

Are there additional costs?

There are no additional costs to an EICR.

If the report identifies any issues in the categories above, I will provide you with a detailed description of the work and a fixed quotation for you to consider.

You will never incur additional costs without first knowing exactly how much they will be and specifically agreeing to them.

How much does an EICR cost?

I offer EICRs at a fixed price depending on the size of the property and on the basis that the property is vacant during testing.

It is more expensive to conduct an EICR on an occupied property due to the extra health & safety precautions required around exposed conductive parts and trailing test leads.  Furniture and personal belongings can also make it more time consuming to access electrical fixtures such as light fittings, switches and sockets etc.

Flats / Apartments

One bed...

Two bed...

Three bed+...


One/Two bed...

Three/Four bed...

Five/Six bed...

Larger Property








£50 per circuit








+ £85 

If you are a landlord and want more information on EICRs you can download a PDF Guide here.

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