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electrician swansea resetting fusebox

If you want to try and reset your fuse box yourself, you can use the easy to follow, step-by-step guide by clicking on this link...

Fault Finding [£80]

BOOK ME ONLINE: If your electrics are FAULTY, tripping off or you have a loss of power to one or more circuits, I can normally identify the cause of the fault within the first hour.


Finding a fault can be time consuming, but fixing it can often be simple and straight forward for an experienced electrician and I'm happy to help.  Check my availability and choose a time that suit you.

electrician swansea fault finding tester


What's included?

  • Up to 1hr labour

  • Full diagnosis of the fault

  • Removal of the fault to stop any further tripping

  • Repair to the circuit (if practical) so that everything works properly again

  • Supply of x1 Basic replacement fitting if required

  • Miscellaneous parts

Are there additional costs?

Straight forward repairs are included in the fee.


Additional replacement  fittings @ £20 each, if required

Supply of additional or non-basic fittings, if required.  See costs here >

If more extensive work is required, I will provide you with a detailed description of the fault and a fixed quotation for you to consider.

You will never incur additional costs without first knowing exactly how much they will be and specifically agreeing to them.

Common faults...

Most faults tend to be caused by lose connections, deterioration of fittings, water ingress, rodent damage or faulty appliances.

Once I find the cause of the fault, I can normally remove or repair it within the same visit and get your electrical system back up and running.

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