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swansea electrician fuse box replacement

Fuse Box Replacement [£800]

SAVE £375...


BOOK ME ONLINE: Replacing a fuse box is one of those jobs that really needs to be done by a qualified electrician.


The average cost of replacing a fuse box with a new consumer unit is £1,175See average costs here.

I offer a fixed price service including all parts & labour & Local Authority Certificates for just £800 that's a saving of £375.

Check my availability and choose a time that best suits you.


What's included?

  • Decommission & remove existing distribution gear

  • Modify or upgrade supply tails as required (up to 1m)

  • Modify or upgrade main earth conductor as required (up to 1m)

  • Supply all necessary parts, fixings & labour up to 10 circuits

    • Reputable brand to avoid unreliable parts and make future maintenance / alterations easier

    • Non-combustible, fire-retardant metal consumer unit

    • Gravity flap, to contain the spread of flames in the event of a fault

    • Fire resistant cable entry glands

    • 100A Double pole main isolation switch

    • Surge protection, to protect your sensitive electronics

    • Individual RCD protection to each circuit

    • Type A RCBOs, that are not affected by electronics or LED lights and compatible with electric vehicle chargers

    • Spare capacity, so that you can easily make additions in the future

  • All connections verified to manufacturer's torque settings

  • All circuits clearly identified & labelled

  • Test all circuits before reconnecting to new fuse box

  • Produce certificates and Building Control Compliance (Part P)

  • Waste disposal of all old, removed electrical parts

  • 5yr warranty on parts & labour

Are there additional costs?

If you have more than 10 circuits (fuses) there will be an extra cost of £30 per additional circuit.


It may be necessary for your 'Electricity Supplier' to install a 'Main Isolation Switch' prior to any work.  I will advise you if this is the case and they will charge you separately.


If you have a 'Main Earth Rod' just outside your house, it may also need to be upgraded.  I will advise you if this is the case.  If needed, there will be an additional charge of around £120.

If there are no bonding cables (green & yellow cables) currently going to your gas meter and mains water stop-tap, these may need to be installed.  I will advise you if this is the case.  The cost varies between £50 - £250 depending on distance.

All existing circuits must be tested for safety before being reconnected to the new fuse box.  If there are any circuits which cannot legally be reconnected, I will fully explain the situation and advise you on available options along with fixed prices for you to consider.

You will never incur additional costs without first knowing exactly how much they will be and specifically agreeing to them.

Do I need a replacement fuse box?

Your fuse box is the main safety device for your electrical system.  It is advisable to have a fuse box that is installed by an experienced electrician and complies with current regulations, in order to provide you with the best levels of protection for your home and your family.

You can compare you existing fuse box with the safety features of a standard replacement here.

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