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An electricians list of recommended products for Swansea & Llanelli

Recommended Products

Wouldn't it be great to have a qualified electrician with you when you're shopping for electrical appliances and fittings in Swansea?

Whilst I'm unable to physically join you on a shopping trip, I have done the next best thing...

I've trawled the internet for you and listed a wide range of electrical products and fittings that any qualified electrician would be happy to install.

These are all products which are sold by other companies (not by me or Fusebox Wales).

Browse the categories below and if you see something you like, click on it.  You will be taken directly to their shop, where you can make the purchase and have your item delivered directly to your home.

When it arrives, let me know and I'll be happy to come and install it for you.  You can also check my availability by clicking the link below and arrange for it to be installed on the same day, or soon after it arrives.

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